Candle Selling Guide

Hey Family!

Whether you have recieved your candles or are still considering placing your first order, we are here to help.  We take pride in offering variety boxes and wholesale so that y'all can make money on your own time and terms. Let's jump into this. 

Product information:

All of our products are cleanly made. Our ingredients are thoughtfully sourced, natural, sustainable and cleanly made. Our wax for candles and wax melts are 100% plant based soy. We use cleanly made (phylate and toxin free) fragrance oils. Our wicks are 100% natural braided cotton wicks. We do not use any additives in our products, ever! Knowing your products and being able to confidently talk about it plays a huge role in sales. We've made it easy by using simple & clean ingredients. We suggest ordering extra or single candles, burning them for yourself and taking talking notes. People will ask you over and over again if you use your own products. We do and that is how we are able to speak so freely about them. All of our products are handpoured in small batches in Salinas CA. 

Where to sell:

Flexibility is a luxury! You have the flexibility and opportunity to sale how, where, and when you want. This was our saving grace during covid. We sold at outdoor markets and were able to continue living after losing our jobs during the first month of the government shutdown. Now that we visit the same parks and I've made friends with local moms, I will often throw a couple Ocean Breeze and Strawberry Guava candles in my bag before heading to the park. 

You can literally sale anywhere!!!

Here is a quick list of places customers have been selling at:

- Work

- Gym

- Church

- Family Events

- Pop Ups

- Candle Parties

- Farmer's & Holiday Markets

- Co-Ops

- Online 

- Lunches and Dinners with Friends

Be as little or as big as you want. You can sell as a side hustle, part time of full time job. Start your own candle and home fragrance company in as little as 2 weeks. Looking for private label? Add a custom label to your order and we will reach out for your design information. 


Costs: If you buy the variety box  your candles are $13.00 each with 2 free candles and wholesale is $13.00 each. Our suggested retail on the 8oz tins are $26.00 or more (that is 140% of your initial investment). However, you set your prices. Know your customers and what they can afford to pay. A private label customer of ours sells in her home town, a luxury beach town and priced her tins for $40.00 each. The opportunities are endless. 

Suggested Retail Prices:

Wax Melts (Now available for wholesale): $10.00+ each

8oz Candle Tins: $26+ each

9oz Candle Jars: $28+ each


We are here to help you be sucessful in your journey. Email or chat us anytime. 

FAQ's about selling will be added below.