All about the Normans!


We are Kevin and Brighty Norman, owners of 40 Acre Candle & Gift Co.

As gift givers and supporters of our community we thought it was important to launch a business that meets several of our goals: for us to create and make quality products and sell them for reasonable prices, support our local small owned businesses and to create a family environment that is open to all.  Prior to our jobs closing down and relocating, we decided to come up with a business that would sell our own handcrafted candles and items along with products from other small owned businesses. After giving birth to our daughter Brooklyn in 2017, we quickly realized that working full time for other companies did not allow us the hands-on experience of parenting and family time we both desired. Our creativity was at an all time low and there wasn't much flexibility and time for all the things we valued and wanted to do as a family.

We strongly believe that love and support to our community can help make the differences that we would like to see happen in the area in which we reside and are raising our child in. 

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The Normans