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Unlabeled Candles (Signature Scents)

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You can now order White Label directly from our website! You chose the scent and candle size. These candles come without labels and are ready to label and resell, put art on, use for party favors etc.

You will receive a box of 6 candles.

White Label is perfect if you are looking for items for your store, extra gifts to have on hand, or looking to make extra income. Private label available. Please email or call us to begin a quote.



100% Natural Plant Based Soy Wax, Natural Cotton Wicks, Premium and clean fragrances infused with essential oils.


Burn Times:

8oz Tin - 40 Hours

9oz Jar - 48 Hours

15oz 3 Wick  - 60 Hours


Top White Label Sellers:

15oz 3 Wick Candle


White Eucalyptus

Peach Nectar

Beach Linen


Strawberry Guava