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When Kevin and I first noticed that the hustle culture didn't match our goals for more family time I search for ways (ANY WAY) to save money so that we could work less. I stumbled upon the money envelope system and made my own version.  This system helped us watch our dollars more closely. It may seem outdated or old school but it still works for so many families.

I also started looking for things at home that we repetitively bought that we could eliminate by purchasing reusable versions, such as food storage bags, produce bags, grocery bags, and more.

Saving Jars helped up tremendously. We have 1 for each category. Not every category gets the same amount of attention each week because our needs change often. I will be blogging about the system that works for us.

These are all the products that we love and that have helped us save a significant amount of money. More products will be added over time.


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