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Pre-Printed Home Organization

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As a frugal family, organization and tracking is very important to us. We understand that staying organized and saving money can be hard so we thought we would share our system with you. Saving in smaller amounts has helped us tremendously and it takes the pressure off of saving larger amounts.  


All of our pre-printed home organization items come laminated. Simply use and reuse them over and over again. They are fully water proof. You can hang them with double sided tape on a wall like we do or stick them to the fridge with magnets. There are so many options. Our favorite part is that you only need one. Once the week, month or savings goal has been hit erase the board with rubbing alcohol and a towel and start over.


No more expensive calendars, bill organizers or savings trackers. 


***only use with dry erase pens. 


We hope this helps you all focus on your goals and stay organized while saving money.