Our favorite frugal meals

Our favorite frugal meals

With inflation on the rise, we have taken some of our favorite meals and switched them up a bit to make more room in our grocery budget.

We have been using all of the available space in our freezer for individual Costco packs of chicken, homemade soups and beans. 

To cut back on the cost of groceries we have reduced the amount of prepackaged snacks we buy for our 4 year old daughter and buy large boxes in which we portion out ourselves. We have also been making homemade waffles instead of frozen ones. The cost of a box of mix is very close to the same price of a box of 10 frozen waffles. So you get alot more with the mix. You can even make and freeze them. 

We also opted out of all prepackaged drinks and now buy powder packs of Gatorade zero and other sugar free drinks. For nearly the same cost of one 32oz bottle of Gatorade, we get 10 packs of powder. 


Now. Here are some of our favorite frugal meals. 

~Veggie spaggetti. We make a large pot with a 8oz container of mushrooms, 1 zuchini, 1 small onion and lots of garlic. 

~Chicken and vegi chow mein. Made with angel hair pasta. I use angel hair in both our spaghetti and chowmein so that I can stretch one box across 2 to 3 different meals. I  ramp up the veggies to cut back on the amount of chicken used to save money. 

~Brocolli cheddar rice with homemade turkey and chicken meat balls. 

~Cabbage and beef sausage stir fry. I add carrotts and water chestnuts. Great with a side of white rice. 

~Vegi and ground turkey chili. Again, I use more veggies and only about half a lb of turkey. 

I check our pantry and cabinets prior to shopping and come up with meals based off what we have. Pintrest is my go to for meal ideas. I always try to cook enough food for at least 2 meals so that I do not have to cook every single night. 

Cutting back on meat and adding fresh vegetables is one of the most common ways we have cut back on our grocery bill. Along with cutting back on prepackaged and premade snacks, foods and drinks. 


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