Eating at home with the Norman's

Eating at home with the Norman's

As shared in our last blog, eating at home is on our list of goals for this year. Ill be the first to say that when we are busy with work, short on time and hungry, eating at home is the last thing on my mind. Take, drive through, and door dash quickly come to mind. 


I would instantly regret it after the food arrived and dinner is over. The food didn't taste as good at it looked, it was expensive and we just ate like crap. All of this is what pushed us to say no more. Before we would eat out any where between 2 and 4 times a month, but even that was too much for us. 

Here is a list of ways we are working on not eating out any more (special occasions are exceptions). 

•Knowing and buying what we like to eat. This includes snacks, drinks, etc. 

•Cooking or learning how to cook the foods we enjoy ordering out. 

•Bulk cooking. So cooking enough for at least 3 dinners at once. This will ensure that we don't have to cook every night. 

• Finding short cuts. Rotisserie chickens, deli cuts of meat and cheese for snacking, variety packs of nuts, deli style breads, bulk cooking of pancakes and waffles to freeze, freezing already made soups and foods, making 2 to 3 days of protein shakes at a time and boiling 6 to 12 eggs at a time are great ways that work for our family. 

• Pintrest,,, and YouTube are my favorite places to grab recipes and recipe ideas. I do not often follow recipes word for word. I make my own changes. 

•If anyone has a specific diet they have to follow, that's okay. My diet consists of very little carbs but my family's doesn't. Research and learn alternatives to make cooking for your family easy. I often sub pasta with brocolli, bread with lettuce, and I've found some amazing zero sugar powdered drinks that the whole family loves. 


I promise you, eating at home is a learning process. It will take time and effort, BUT if saving money and your families health is important to you... you will find a way. Before you know it, it becomes easy and apart of your every day life. 

I'll continue to share things that have helped our family with this goal. 


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