Frugal Spring Break Ideas

Frugal Spring Break Ideas

Spring break is coming up quickly. As a frugal family we leave vacations for the summer time and look for fun low cost local things to do for Spring Break. 

Kevin and I have started working on a list of things for us to do with Brooklyn. I will be working with her on a list of things she would like to do and then we will decide what goes on the final list.  I know that visiting my Nana is already something she said she wanted to do. So we have lunch with Nana is on the list. We also want to spend some time with friends and family (mainly cousins) so we will be inviting whoever can make it to anything we plan that week. I enjoy having all the nieces and nephews over for painting, pizza making, baking, games, and more. Our house is always full when all the kids are on break.

Here is a list of some frugal and low cost ways to keep the family busy during Spring Break.

  1. Fairy Hunting in Local Woods (Brooklyn has been asking to visit the "Jungle" Redwoods in Felton Ca. So we will put on our fairy wings and go fairy hunting)
  2. Go Bird Watching (We bought Brooklyn binoculars a couple years back so I think we will take them out and go bird watching.
  3.  Do some gardening (We mostly have everything we need for our Spring garden). We plan to do some gardening during Spring Break as well).
  4.  Have a picnic (While park and redwood picnics are our favorites, we will probably have a backyard picnic during our gardening. Gardening makes us hungry so we often take a break, sit outside and enjoy something to eat.)
  5. Take a photo walk (I have been needing to brush up on how to use our camera, Brooklyn loves taking photos on her tablet, so this would be fun for us).
  6. Play Dress Up (In the event that it rains during Spring Break, we have a few ideas for what to do indoors)
  7. Go to the library
  8. Cook or Bake something together
  9. Arts and Crafts (This goes without saying... we will paint!!!)
  10. Visit a Pet Store
  11. Make a fort
  12. Tell Stories (We do this all the time. One of us starts off a story and then we take turns adding to it.)
  13. Purge and Donate (We do this every few months, so it will be time to do it again during Spring Break)
  14. Have a bonfire and watch the stars
  15. Make a time capsule (I've been wanting to do this with Brooklyn. Have her fill a mason jar with a bunch of little things, and then store it for her later.)
  16. Make Popsicles (I've been exploring fresh fruit Popsicle recipes to make at home)

What are some of your Spring break plans? We would love to hear what you plan to do. Leave us a comment below telling us if you like anything on our list and what you have on yours.



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