All Season Home Decor That Saves Money

All Season Home Decor That Saves Money

Many of you know that I love home decor! I can't remember a time that I did not decorate my space each new season. As a young girl I had a bag of Halloween and Christmas decor from the dollar store that I used year after year. A few items I bought, some from my mom's stash, and some from family and friends. Decorating my room was a must! I use to have all these images in my head of what my home would look like as an adult. One thing young Brighty did not consider was the amount of money nice decor would cost me.

Fast forward to 2020 right before Kevin and I both lost our jobs. We had been living in our newest apartment for 3 years and I was slowly decorating it. My theme was light and airy with a traditional feel. So all white walls, sheer white curtains with a oversized bold deep red, olive green and beige traditional looking carpet, a dark brown couch and lots of dark wood storage options. I loved how things were coming along. After losing our jobs I went into panic mode and didn't buy any home decor for a couple years. Last year when I needed clothes and new decor for our farmers market set up I took the advice of a friend and went to the Salvation Army. That is where my love for woven baskets, and lighter colored wooden shelves began. I found so many metal racks and spray painted them antique gold, and boom... I was over the traditional decor and leaning more towards a blend of antique glam, industrial, and bohemian. I bought pieces that I loved and they just flowed, and this new style felt so much more... Me! Vintage, thoughtfully structured, adventurous, and fun. When people compliment my farmer's market setup I thank them and tell them it just feels like home, because I use the same decor inspiration at home too.

Now that we are more frugal than we have ever been, I am always looking for pieces I can use for any season with a subtle or simple change to it. My decor is less classic holiday and more seasonal now. So I am always looking for vases, baskets, bins, photo frames, benches, and macrame that are versatile. Nude and neutral color anything is perfect because you can easily switch it up for a new season, holiday or event. Little did I know that I would love having items and finding new creative ways to use them.

A lot of my pieces come from second hand stores, home good stores like Ross, Marshall's, and Home Goods, and of course Amazon.

Here are some home decor items I love that can be used year around, for all seasons.

I adore a gorgeous woven basket. they can get pricey so I look for them second hand first. 

Here is one on sale now at Kohl's for $22.79.

SONOMA Goods For Life® Everyday Wicker Basket

 A few years ago when I started buying wooden tiered trays they cost 3x's more than they do now and there were less options.

Here is one that I really like for a decent price at Big Lots. Wooden Tiered Tray.

Acacia Wood 2-Tier Standing Tray



Here is an affiliate link to my Amazon store front All Season Home Decor Shopping List.
Amazon All Season Home Decor

On this list I have added neutral all season decor that can be used in a variety of ways. Here are some of the items you will find on this list.

I love using faux greenery added to neutral decor and colored wooden flowers to change decor with the seasons.

I hope this blog post and Amazon list inspires you all to find some all season home decor that will help you save money and still enjoy decorating your space. Please leave us a comment letting us know what you liked about this post and what you do to save money on home decor.






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