6 Food Packing Items Under $25.00

6 Food Packing Items Under $25.00

Packing food is one of the biggest ways we save money in our family. I am not shy about the fact that I carry snacks in my purse, car and if we have a family day, we pack an insulated backpack full of drinks and foods. 

All 3 of us pack lunch and drinks for work and school so having the proper food packing bags and drink containers is a must. 

I'm always getting asked where I got my salad container from. I use it for lunch whether I bring a salad or something else. We tried so many different food packing items over the years and found what we love. They are all great products and have not needed much replacing. 

I had another blog post scheduled for today but since the topic of packing food is so hot I quickly put together a list of highly rated Amazon items under $25.00 for you all. Most of these items are on sale, so if there is anything you find is a must, get it soon. 


Run, don't walk! This Classic Bentgo Stackable Lunch Box is on sale 43% off right now. What I love about this container is... well a lot of things! But to start it's microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe (just the bowls, not the lids!) How convenient is that? Being able to place the food right in the microwave to warm it up, all in the same container! This container is worth the full price of $29.99, but get it now for $16.99!



This is the Bentgo Salad Container I use daily. Whether or not I am bringing a salad, I love how it divides the food and everything stays fresh. I even use the bottom container to stash a full sandwich every now and then. You guys may have seen this one in my pics and videos. My best friend bought this for me as a gift. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts ever! She knows how I am about packing my own food. I love this container so much that I would have paid the full price! Get it now on sale for $16.99. We love that the Bentgo company donates money to feeding hungry kids and families. This is a huge reason why we will continue to support them.


I've had the same lunch bag for over 5 years now. It's stretchy, machine washable and made extremely well..... AND it's pretty!!! It's purple with yellow flowers and I'm still obsessed with it! It's the perfect size for me to pack lunch, snacks and more. After my husband started back working and taking lunch I went out and grabbed a pack of brown paper bags for him. When the bags were almost out this past weekend I thought, why buy more. They get thrown out after each use and cost half the price of this bag here. So a 2 month supply of paper lunch bags is the same price as this reusable lunch bag. I purchased this Insulated Lunch Bag for my husband this weekend for $11.99, regular price is $16.88. It has amazing reviews. 


Packing water and home made juices saves us so much money while we are out. The price of a bottle of water or anything else is just outrageous! All 3 of us have reusable water bottles that we use daily. If we are planning to be gone all day we will also bring an extra gallon of water with us. When Kevin needed a new bottle I found this one. It has great reviews and he loves it. Keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. We almost couldn't believe how great of a bottle this was for it's price of $22.99. Most great reusable bottles we've bought cost almost double the price. Hydro Cell Water Bottle. 


Along with a water bottle, we have to have separate coffee mugs because we often pack both water and coffee when we are working or going out. This way we aren't tempted to stop for either one. This highly rated Sunwill 20oz Coffee Mug is on sale for $12.99 and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. 




An insulated food backpack is a must for us. We have ice chests but being able to wear the bag during a hike, beach trip, or day at the park makes things so easy. Yes, you read that right.. a day at the park. As a frugal family we spend a lot of time at the local state parks. We bring art supplies, balls, games, food and drinks and can literally spend a whole day there. Having an insulated food backpack helps keep our food cold during day trips. These type of bags get really pricey. We were fortunate to have been gifted one when Brooklyn was a baby that we are still using to this day. This Insulated Bag is one of the very few bags on amazon for under $25 and it has a lot of great reviews. It is on sale now for $23.86, regular price is $33.43. 


I hope this list of items (paid Links) is helpful and assists anyone needing food packaging products to get started. I will be sharing more products as I find them. 

With the current inflated prices, there are still ways to make it easier on our pockets. Packing your own food and drinks is one of the ways the save yourself and your family a significant amount of money.

Please leave us a comment letting us know what you think about this blog or share some items you've tried that you love.

Have a great week!

The Normans


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